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Fitness plus relaxation: a perfect vacation in great shape!

Today, among a national and international clientele, the constant need for healthy physical activity is well-known, and a top-category hotel must fulfill this expectation– even during vacations. With its 700 square meter in-house gym, the Hotel Central has few peers.

With a full complement of Technogym equipment, the Central Fitness Club – the Hotel Central’s gym – offers a very rich selection of machines and equipment for any type of warm-up, development, toning, muscular definition, or other fitness program.

Furthermore, the club offers numerous aerobic training opportunities, be they floor exercises or exercises with specific latest-generation technologies. The Technogym cardio-fitness system, ideal for stimulation and rehabilitation of individual muscular groups, is tied in to all of them.

Within the realm of aerobic activities, the Central Fitness Club also organizes aerobics courses, stretching, step, spinning, floor exercises, and rhythmic gymnastics.

Since the body needs not only to be stimulated but also to be “coddled”, there is a wellness area within the Central Fitness Club for relaxation and body care. Here, Hotel Central customers can try out the restorative effects of a Turkish bath or receive massages and beauty treatments carried out by qualified personnel, for a safe and satisfying experience.

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