Wellness center

Our wellness centre with Turkish bath, emotional shower, Jacuzzi with waterfalls, tea corner, massage service.

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Skin treatments

Deep light skin (60 min / € 55,00)

Exfoliates and regenerates your skin with a deep cleansing that will leave your face glowing and ready to take in the most suitable cosmetic nutrients.

A personalized treatment designed to oxygenate and personalize your skin.

Skin energy (60 min / € 70,00)

The four elements of Skin Energy, namely water, earth, fire and air, embrace a synergy of particular active principles for every type of facial blemish.

Its deeply moisturizing, lightening, brightening and regenerating action, along with its innovative channelling systems and exclusive procedure, all go to make it a truly unique experience.

The face is flushed with functional substances that will leave you feeling as though you have slipped on a whole new skin.

Velvet skin (60 min / € 65,00)

For a lifting and anti-aging effect able to give turgidity, to define the contours of the face and fill the wrinkles thanks to the Lift task which, through its particular formulation, facilitates and optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients of the masks applied in previously.

Body treatments

Olistic Cherry Massage (60 min / € 80,00)

Lie back and spoil yourself with a Olistic Cherry Massage! Hot cherry stones roll over your body in special cushions, loosening and relaxing your muscles and preparing your skin for three exfoliating, nourishing and re-mineralizing masks that will leave it soft and silky. You will never know what the cherry pillow experience is like until you try it.

Sun Light Massage (60 min / € 70,00)

Treat yourself to the sensation of moist sponges wrapped in cotton, caressing your skin, delicately exfoliating, reactivating circulation and allowing all those eudermic substances to penetrate right down deep. Sun Light Massage, with its tiare perfume, accelerates the tanning process, thanks to a particular combination of tyrosinase tyrosines, which stimulate the production of melanin. So lie back and let your skin revel in the sunny massage experience!

Sensorial Massage (60 min / € 60,00)

A massage that will enhance the well being by embracing the body with oils, essences and warmth. Our Beauty therapist will apply de-stressing manual techniques that we leave you feeling totally relaxed.

Ritual foot (40 min € 40,00)

Fix up your feet with Ritual_Foot!
Thick, dry, rough foot skin is now just a bad memory. With the Fly_Foot treatment, your feet are drenched in exfoliating and nourishing substances. They are then massaged and wrapped in a restorative mask which will imbue the skin with all its vigor, resulting in a breeziness that will really put a spring in your step.

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